A lot of my work is either just for kicks, or awaiting publication. I’ve provided the entire work where I can, or clips for all the super-secretive stuff.

  • Novel: The Indignant Gentlemen

I’m a great fan of the Age of Sail genre, but one aspect of it that I find the most interesting is also the one that’s rarely explored: the lives of the young gentlemen aboard the ships. Think about it. Boys as young as thirteen sent aboard a ship of war to command grown men, to send those men to their deaths, if necessary, and to die, themselves, in battle. And yet they had a damn good time doing it.

The Indignant Gentlemen, stripped down, is Harry Potter on a boat. Four young lads, becoming best friends, as they deal with all the trials not only of warfare, but of being a kid.

  • Novel: Penny Dreadful in the Nefarious North: Travels and Tribulation Throughout Europe, the British Isles, and the Deep Recesses of Russia

Penelope Dreadful is a Victorian investigative journalist and advice columnist on correct etiquette when dealing with spooks, spectres, and all things that haunt the night (or they day, if they prefer it). This particular novel is a travelogue chronicling her travels throughout Europe, accompanied by her Swahili valet, Wamukota, as she investigates paranatural phenomena on the behest of her curiosity and loyal readers.


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