Memory Lane needs some roadwork

9 09 2008

This portfolio isn’t just for all the truly impressive things I’ve done. I’m trying to put together everything I’ve ever done. Which includes the suspect stuff.

I’ve just added a section called “The Vault” that has my works best lost to the sands of time. I’m not ashamed of them. Even ten years later the writing still pretty much stands on its own. But they were all rants and my attempts at being edgy, back when edgy was actually… well, edgy.

Some of my stuff, like my years worth of columns for–the most popular wresting website from they heyday of modern wrestling–really are lost forever, it seems. But a curious hanger-on is my Assholic column, which I wrote for the zine Devil Shat, a sub-department of This was in the days immediately prior to the oncoming blog storm. In fact, just to rub it in, you may notice that the very last issue of DS–which I did not write for–actually talks about the new and gitchy

I don’t know why Devil Shat stopped, which it did very suddenly. kept going, and is still going down, with many sub-departments. I reckon Morbus, the admin, got as suddenly tired of ranting as I did.

I lost my taste for commentary maybe around 2001. All of the sudden I just didn’t feel passionate about telling people what to think. My own site, (don’t bother, it’s a heap of nothing now), was a political commentary site and ended shortly after it began because HTML was a hassle. Looking back on the blogging revolution, I should have stayed angry and chatty. Ah well. I kept my integrity. Sort of.

So they’re up there for reading. Like I said, tip #1 is stand by your work. Tip #2 is put your name on anything you write. This is a tip I should have heard earlier. Assholic is written under a pen name, Rown Garnbii, because I thought that would be fun. A lot of my work is written under the name, Matt Tougas, which was my birth name (I changed it after I got married). So my credits are a bit scattered, and that’s no fun for anyone, since I can’t prove that I’m actually Rown Garnbii. But who else would admit to that, right?

Anyway, it’s all a hassle. If you write it, and you’re proud of it, put your real name on it. Don’t get cute.