I’m on a Minnesota (woah-oh) radio.

9 12 2008

No great pontifications for this post, though it does touch on my last.

I wrote a sketch for TVTV which was performed on the radio recently. I know. Puppets on the radio. Who’da thunk it?

You can listen to it here, if you’ve got any inclination. The actual bit starts about four and a half minutes in. TVTV visits the Darkness on the Edge of Town

I’ve never written for the radio, so it was an eye opener. My original script was only a few minutes long. I listen to a lot of talk radio and it always seems that there’s never enough time between breaks. It was also meant to be conversational which would allow questions from the hosts and riffing by the performers.

The guys took it and ran with it, expanding it and filling it out, so the end result is something like ten minutes, and the hosts were fine with letting them continue uninterrupted. I take that as a compliment for me, but primarily the actors. Radio hosts are more sensitive than most to boredom.

The interesting note that touched on my previous post had to do with one of those rewrites. In it, they included a jab at a political candidate, which is all well and good (except that it wasn’t really relevant to the piece, which I mentioned is one of the places I draw the line), but the talk station was a local political talk station, and let’s just say the jab and the audience weren’t really compatible.

This is something else that writers really need to consider; their audience’s preference. It’s all very journalistic and ethical to say you don’t care about insulting the audience. Speak from your heart and your audience will find you. But the other side of that coin is basic shoot-yourself-in-the-foot stupidity. As one of the few local venues stepping up to push the show, a start up with no real history can’t afford to alienate half their audience, and yes, I do find that even with low-brow humor, the fan base splits down the middle. No one political philosophy is more likely or less likely to laugh. It’s really more about which group takes more of their time to watch.

They altered the line in the performance to tame it down a bit. I don’t know if it was an intentional change or not, but either way I think the bit, and even the jab, came off great.

I said I would use my meager connections to try and find them more support in the area, and I would like to see about writing a regular segment for the TVTV guys on the show.

We’ll see where things go.