TVTV Update

24 12 2008

Another quick update on my work on Transylvania Television.

I’m working on two things, and I might even have time to do it now that my job description has changed to the point where I might get some writing time in (assuming I use it to write. I need to investigate ways to crack my own whip).

One is commercial work. A local company who has been good to us in the past wants to include us in their new advertising contract. The guys have made me their go-to guy for commercials…probably having to do with the fact that when TVTV asked, I was the only one who wrote up any commercial pitches. So that’s good, because that could actually mean money into the show.

The second is I’m rewriting the pilot episode. I was actually told not to do this (in the sense of “lets not concentrate on that right now”), but I think I’ll have the time, and I really thing I can give them a script that’s not only more dynamic, punchy, and funny, and not only a better launchpad to a show, but one that can use maybe half or more of the existing footage, which should make it really easy to shoot.


The most important thing a writer can do is write an amazing post title

8 09 2008

I’ve finally started a writing blog. To all my fans out there, and they are legion, there will be much rejoicing. Please do subscribe.

Check out the Videos section for a new TVTV sketch I wrote. My name’s in the credits and everything. I’m very proud.

In fact, here it is.

Transylvania TV is a great group of guys, and the show really deserves some play.

Writing sketches, or anything that gets shot for the screen, is an interesting experience in “low man on the totem pole” existance. When you write an article, it gets edited, but no one really changes it. That’s not kosher. When you write a book, your editor rips it apart and tells you to change a bunch of stuff. But in the end it’s you who has the final say. They can’t make changes for you. It’s not kosher.

But when you write for TV or movies, you don’t have anywhere near the last say. It goes through a hundred changes. And even on a little internet clip like this, it goes through changes. For instance, my version had “butt rape” but that was replaced with “ass rape” which is certainly less funny. But I stand by it as a funny sketch. You should always stand by your work. That’s tip #1.

Why am I writing scripts about butt rape? Well, I guess you have to know TVTV, but long story short, it came out of a writers meeting. One of the writers, who’s very good, submitted a script with a surprising amount of rape in it, and although the script was funny, the discussion was even better. It had to become a sketch.