Real quick update

27 02 2009

One big problem with trying to update something regularly is that if you miss and update, the next update needs to be bigger to accomodate all the information, but that leaves it a more daunting task. Keep putting it off and then the task becomes crushing. So lets skip that and sum up for now.

Episodes 3-5 of LeShoc Goes Online is up, as well as a brand new YouTube channel and I’ m really happy with the progress.

I’ve also taken on two pretty cool jobs at TVTV. One, I’m in charge of the social media aspect, getting people on YouTube and Twitter and the like, which is really interesting and deserves many blog posts all on their own.

The second thing is I’m been promoted to head writer, which is also amazingly cool and needs a post all on its own.

That’s it for now. All is well. More soon.