The Vault

Here are a few of the things that marked the very beginning of my writing career. Many were written just prior to when rants were cool, and I stopped writing them immediately as they became cool, because I’m a rebel like that.

…which is a shame, I suppose, because if I kept writing them I’d probably be a rich blogger with a book deal right now. Que sera. – Devil Shat

Devil Shat was a think called a “zine” which you may find if you launch an archeological expedition to unearth the 1990s. It was the precoursor to the much more convenient blogging we do today. This kind of stuff actually required an editor.

A lot (read: all) of my stuff for Devil Shat was ranting, and all of it was done under an assumed name (Rown Garnbii, which I saw written on a baseball once). Which is a damn good thing too, because I don’t wish to be associated with any of it any more.

Here are all my articles!



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